What are the benefits of the 2824 versus an NH35?


You can also find my initial response a bit unexpected.
I am honestly a massive fan of the NH35 Swiss made dive watch   much like I am a massive fan of my Honda Civic with 178,000 miles on it.

You pretty much can not kill an NH35.
So, the first thing I might say is that in case your motivation to do the Swiss Package is progressed reliability and accuracy, it is not likely you will see any real difference among the two.
That is in part why we are not calling this an “improve.”


That said, there are definitely motives to want the 2824.
The comparison to the Honda Civic is pretty truthful I assume. The NH35 expenses a third to a fourth of the 2824 and is utilized in probably 70 percentage of the cheap automated watches made nowadays.
It’s reliable, however arguably pedestrian.
The 2824 is the Mercedes to the NH35’s Honda… Unlikely to be more reliable but with less luxurious and prestige.
Iconic German metallic as opposed to Japanese solidity and ease.


But dude, it is Swiss!
Everyone friends watches with Switzerland.
And there is ideal cause to achieve this.
The Swiss construct some (if not maximum) of the satisfactory made watches in the international.
Watchmaking and Switzerland go collectively like, well, Germany and motors.
From a status factor of view, understanding your movement is Swiss has a real value — in particular if you are telling someone else approximately your watch.

There are some particular, tangible features of the 2824 which can be in reality an improvement over the NH35.

We did not positioned an exhibition (glass) case lower back at the NH35 version for a reason (even though a few producers do).
The NH35 isn’t much to observe. It does not have any decoration (things like etchings or blued screws) to make the motion attractive. The 2824 does.
The rotor (which winds the watch) is tons greater appealing.
The plates and screws are often adorned.
Now, we haven’t decided the entire decoration level of the 2824 we will be the usage of, however for sure it will be extra than any NH35.
This is why we are adding an exhibition case again to the 2824 package.

Another difference is the VPH.
That stands for Vibrations Per Hour.
That is how typically the mainspring, which drives the mechanics, oscillates in an hour.
The NH35 is 21,600 vph and the 2824 is 28,800.
There is debate as to whether or not that improves accuracy.
Again, I even have determined the NH35 to be pretty accurate.
But there’s one thing that the VPH honestly has an effect on and that is the sweep of the second one hand.

Unlike a quartz watch, a mechanical timepiece’s second hand doesn’t tick as soon as per second however sweeps across the dial.
Now, there certainly are ticks, but they are so near together and so rapid you get the phantasm that the second one hand sweeps without any hesitations.
Why does VPH count number?
Put absolutely, the decrease the VPH, the extra stutter can be important in the 2nd-hand motion.
So, the 2824 is going to have a smoother second-hand sweep than the lower VPH of the NH35.
On this one, I will say it is a important difference for those who know what they’re searching out and not so much for the casual observer.

All of that stated, my non-public Berlin Wall watch can have a 2824 in it.


If I am leaving anything out, please chime in. Correct me if wanted. And actually some of this is very plenty a rely of opinion.

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Rocket Ride
Product Image
Vostok Europe Rocket N1 Chrono Quartz Watch 6S21/2254252B
This watch rides the wrist like a real champion. The 7 hyperlink bracelet is one of the maximum secure that I even have worn and it appears right to boot. The black and inexperienced colour combo surely pops. The inexperienced fingers are easy to look and the lume is manner above common. The sweep of the second hand is stunning. The chrono functions exceptional and on reset the hands line up flawlessly. My accuracy exams on Toolwatch are higher than the marketed requirements. I discover it to be an amazing each day put on and obtain compliments each time I’ve worn it. On a recent trip to the beach it become exposed to a few heavy water play in each the sea and pool. Mind you I did not scuba dive however I did journey seadoos and rafts. Plenty of swimming and horseplay in the ocean along side swimming and diving within the pool. The timepiece had no issues. The accuracy turned into the equal after the seashore ride because it turned into earlier than. I did positioned the terrific green silicone strap on for water play and alternate again to the bracelet for walks at the beach and going out for dinner, shows, etc. This watch is a winner.
Carl F.
Fantastic watch. So adictive…
Product Image
Denissov Baracuda Limited Edition Watch 3133.1026.O.B26
An incredible product. Beautiful layout and advanced era. Love the movement, so pristine and stylish. The first-class of the material wonderful. Great bargain for the rate. Thinking getting a blue one for my Caribbean vacation. Goes with Tommy Bahama style thoroughly. Recommend very a whole lot.
Vladimir N.
Beautiful Watch
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Anchar Mens Diver Watch NH35A/5105143
Anchar what can you are saying about this great timepiece.Its were given GTLS tubes and is 300 meters waterproof and is a watch for all activities that tells a story of the watch.
Vostok Europe Review
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Gaz-Limo Alarm Watch YM26/5603255
I pretty recommend the bought product
Great Watch
Product Image
Pramzius Black K1 Mineral
This watch is a lovely watch that may be used for special functions. It has a outstanding story at the back of it and is a credit to the Pramzius logo and have to be on each watch creditors purchasing listing
David W.
Fantastic Watch
Product Image
Vostok Europe Limousine Alltimer with Trigalights YM86-565B288
This watch has all the Wow factors. Its a perpetual watch that has Tri Lights that appears and feels extra high priced than it really is and can greater than keep its personal in opposition to different top rate manufacturers on the market
David W.
Beautiful Beast
Product Image
Vostok Europe Rocket N1 Chrono Quartz Watch 6S21/2254252B
Wonderful watch with hanging functions and an incredibly cozy band-Highly advise this version.
Bill B.
The Beautiful Blue Energia2 Experiance
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Energia 2 – NH35-575C280
After already having an Energia2 in pre-patina Bronze with the Beautifuf Brown dial there’s few surprises at the construct. The Black case with the Blue dial and Yellow accents are gorgeous. Between the marine grade Bronze, chrome steel and the Titanium models there’s an choice for each person’s non-public tastes. I personal 2 of the Energia2’s and feature had no troubles with either one. They appearance and sense like excessive quit time portions and wear clean on the wrist…C. Paul Davis
Claude P.
Rugged and Very Cool!
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Big Z Automatic Tritium Tube Watch NH35A/6204344
I am a huge Vostok-Europe fan. I’ve likely owned 50 over the last 20 years. The Big Z is THE BADDEST & COOLEST of the bunch! Those vertical tritium tubes make an incredible distinction in an implausible presentation! The movement is as smooth and as accurate as any I’ve ever owned. You may not remorse selecting this time piece up.
Product Image
Extri Extreme Chronograph Watch X3009-B
This is an superb time piece. A lot of look ahead to the money. Great nice.
Mike E.
Best of the Best
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Energia 2 – NH35-575E282 Sample
I ordered the Energia2 Brown dial, Solid Bronze Case inside the Pre-Patina model. The dial turns from a bark brown to a Black dial based totally on the light. My LE 258/3000 came with an incredible custom leather strap I had the opertunity to pick out from two versions with a Russian red buckle. Along with the brown Silicone strap, and a REAL dive case that may transform into conserving four watches. This is an extremely good time piece from R2A….
Paul D.
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Mriya AnaDigi Watch 9516/5555249
This is my second VE watch and simply now not my final. I additionally very own an Anchar. The Mriya is 2nd for a reason, I was so inspired with my first purchase that I had to add any other. They are pinnacle best, heavy obligation built watches and very precise to the watch global. Attention to element for each piece and photo case backs. Each version has a outstanding history to it. I get compliments on my Mriya frequently. Next up … An Ekranoplan! Thanks VE and Russia2all for feeding my watch dependancy!
Richard K.
Admiral Sea Devil
Product Image
Poljot Time Admiral Sea Devil Automatic 2416/06411189
Gorgeous watch. The cream dial I could highly endorse!. Bery beautiful watch.
Gregory P.
Vostok-Europe Mriya – Awesome watch! R2A Watches – Awesome carrier!
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Mriya AnaDigi Watch 9516/5554250
My Vostok-Europe Mriya (Red & Black version) is notable. I love the mix anaoluge virtual features at the watch, in addition to the specific way the watch’s motion mechanism works (it is electric powered, now not mechanical in this case, because of the virtual functions incorporated into the movement). The silicone straps are top notch comfy and soft, and I additionally love the reality that the straps are interchangeable with the supplied leather-based straps as nicely. The way the straps are connected to this watch are very precise – I haven’t visible straps connected with Allen key bolts before on any other watch logo. Very easy to exchange straps the use of the supplied Allen key screw driving force. Not sure I wanted a water resistant case with this watch although. The massive, cumbersome black container is cool and useful for storing and displaying the watch, but it takes up quite a few room on my watch cloth wardrobe, and I don’t assume I’d use the box for some thing else both. Nonetheless, very cool and particular! Craig and Krystina at R2A Watches are very quality human beings and really easy to cope with, and because I had an excellent revel in with them buying my Mriya watch I also lately purchased from them a Vostok -Europe Lunokhod2 Chrono to add to my watch collection as properly. R2A Watches does no longer dissappoint. Vostok-Europe does now not dissappoint. You’ll be very happy each with the service and the products. Thanks R2A Watches! Ted Boruta
Ted B.
Russian Red Spectacular
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Almaz Chronograph Leather Strap 6S11/320B262
This watch gets appears where ever I go. People are continually thinking the rose gold is copper because the russian crimson has this type of wealthy hue. The dial is a really perfect complement to the rose gold with a darkish, steely blue shade as is the strap which is very soft and has without a doubt no break-in duration. This is every other ought to own from Vostok Europe.
Keith W.
Last of the bunch
Product Image
CCCP Sputnik 7001-07
in spite of my being late to the party (had a whole lot bigger selection on initial offers) the watch runs superb seems distinct and is relaxed on my 7 3/4 inch wrist BARGAIN priced best pick out up IMHO
Retro with magnificence
Product Image
Sturmanskie Gagarin Commemorative Limited Edition Mechanical Watch 2609/3705127
Gargarin is simple time period and it goes with anything. Watch is minimalist appreciate to functions. , Beige dial is first-rate 👍 contact.
James H.
Get extra compliments on this watch than some other!
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Gaz-Limo Quartz Chronograph Watch 6S30/5651174B
Love my Vostok-Europe GAZ-Limo! I personal many exclusive watches, some of which can be within the better-cease class and I get simply as many if now not more compliments in this one than others. The bracelet is beautiful, as is the watch face. I actually have had no problems with scratching of the Crystal as it’s far of excessive exceptional. The watch additionally maintains first rate time and have had no issues by any means with the watch. When humans see it their first idea is “first-class watch” and their 2nd thought is “what is it”? Always ends in an thrilling verbal exchange about wherein this watch is from, etc. Overall very glad with it.
Petar P.
The radio room clock is a showstopper!
Product Image
Ship Clock 5-ChM M3 Radio Room Metal Plating
Looks top notch and works nice. I actually have it on the desk next to my clean chair. When my buddies come over, they’re very curious approximately the clock. I explain that each one those radio room clocks are on Russian ships as a mechanical backup if the strength fails. I then go directly to explain the which means of the red regions on the clock. Everyone is fascinated by the clock. I actually have limitless “hours” of a laugh. See pictures sent.
My first Vostok Europe
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Anchar Mens Diver Watch NH35-510C530
Just Got this 2018 Anchar and like it! Quality is felt right out of the box.
Just Awesome
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Mriya AnaDigi Watch 9516/5555249
I’m extraordinarily pleased with my watch. I love the functions and length, it’s no longer too huge or small simply proper. 😁😁😁
Pined for a Radio Room!
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Radio Room Dual-Time Automatic Watch 2426/225A270S
I Love my new Radio Room. Ever in view that I saw the incarnation of the Radio Room through Vostok Europe I were searching out the proper deal to purchase 1. I subsequently found 1 @ R2A online and purchased it. I am very glad with the Blue one I chose. I have attempted many straps on it because it is simple to trade them out. Someday I would like to purchase a bracelet for it. The devoted russian automated motion I certainly like. The all lume dial certainly pops in the dark. I enjoy absolutely everyone asking me about it as there’s a great story to inform. Thank You R2A & Vostok Europe!
Beautiful Sturmanskie Traveller
Product Image
Sturmanskie Traveller Chrono Quartz Watch S VD53/3386880
Compared to most watch creditors, I actually have a modest collection of approximately 30 watches. This Sturmanskie Traveller Chrono Quartz Watch is probably the most lovely watch of all of them. The dial is very fashionable with excellent searching subdials, the globe in the center and the global cities around the perimeter. Although it is able to be worn as a sport watch, it’s far extra on the dressy aspect with the brown leather strap, gold plating and skinny profile. At 42 mm in diameter, it’s miles a little at the small facet. I do choose watches 45-50 mm in diameter. Nonetheless, I am proud to very own and wear this beauty!
Richard G.
It doesn’t get any higher !
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Radio Room Dual-Time Automatic Watch 2426/225A271S
It does not get any better ! Superior carrier thank you Craig & Kristine for the incredible purchase’s on the nice of the great ” Please preserve up the incredible offers on the finest Russian made timepieces, Superior is the word right here ‘ Jim
Jim C.
Sturmanskie Stingray three hundred Meter Professional Dive Watch Automatic NH35/1825898
Product Image
Sturmanskie Stingray 300 Meter Professional Dive Watch Automatic NH35/1825898
What I like about the Sturmanskie Stingray is it’s wrist presence. Another plus factor of the watch is the overall lume of the dial.
Zul B.
Nice commemorative hand winding watch. Titanium case makes it confortable and easy to wear.
Product Image
Sturmanskie Gagarin Commemorative Limited Edition Mechanical Watch 2609/3707129-Titanium
Practícalo, light and smooth to use. I am glad with the watch
Great looking watch. Love the
Product Image
Vostok Europe Anchar Automatic Watch NH35A/5104245
Great searching watch. Love the dial !
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Expedition North Pole-1 Titanium Watch (6S21/595H299)
I love the Sturmanskie Gagarin. It is a bit of history and love the appearance and titanium case. Craig and Christine are the quality with customer support. Steve
Steve Y.
Collectors Piece!
Product Image
Vostok-Europe Expedition North Pole 1 Watch 2432/5955273
I offered this watch on a whim and boy am I happy it occurred. This is this sort of first-rate piece. The motion is so reliable. The consolation of the strap is second to none and the full lume screams at you in low mild situations. Just an throughout best piece and simply what each collector wishes in their collection.
Joseph M.
5-ChM Submarine Clock
Product Image
Ship Clock 5-ChM Blue
7 winds, 7 days. Hangs in the kitchen and delights me on every occasion I appearance over at it. A satisfactory good deal for a mechanical clock built like a tank!
Christopher K.
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